Julian and Lisa Visit the ‘West German Hotline’

This is what Goff at Wowie Zowie christened us last week, leaving a message for the ‘West German Hotline’. It did make me laugh!

Anyway, Julian and Lisa visited last night along with their son, Christopher (a WGP expert in the making!) to look at the fruits of the latest German Road trip.

We chased my parents away to the local pub, and spent a good hour looking at the pottery with Julian, Lisa and Christopher. I always like it when someone comes to buy pots. Obviously, there’s the financial renumeration that’s a factor, but I like that I get to see them anew again, through somebody else’s eyes.

These were their buys:

Carstens 7481-25
Christopher's Scheurich 405-13
Ruscha 885
Ruscha 320/2
Scheurich 281-19

I do love that Scheurich one so I’m glad it’s gone to a good home.

I think Christopher would probably have liked this one as well:

Jopeko 7206 13

Or maybe a Roth 4301 that I don’t currently have a picture of.

Lovely to see them as always and always brilliant to sell pottery to such enthusiastic collectors of West German ceramics.

Today has been a pretty good day. My parents were visiting, so we took them to Levenshulme Antiques Market, a disastrous trip to the (closed) Failsworth Antiques Mill and then on to Lily’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Ashton-Under-Lyne. We had quite a big lunch which was delicious! Then we bought lots of Asian food from the supermarket next door.

My parents also bought a couple of pots from us!

Bay 85 20
Scheurich 423-28

So, a good weekend for WGP selling all in all – I was quite excited to sell my parents pots! I can’t quite put my finger on why I was so excited by my parents buying some vases, perhaps it’s made it feel a bit more real; even they are willing to part with money for them from us!

PS., Forgot to mention: Julian’s pictures of his and Lisa’s gorgeous collection are up on Flickr here. Definitely worth having a look and drooling!


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