Mad Men Inspiration from Woman’s Own


I watched the season 3 finale of Mad Men on Thursday night while Aidan was out playing squash for Glossop. Actually, I watched two episodes. In ‘The Grown-ups’ (the penultimate episode), I spotted Jane Siegel wearing this outfit:

Jane Siegel - Mad Men S.3, Ep. 12

My eyes immediately turned to the stack of old Woman’s Own magazines by my bed. This magazine was on the top:

Woman's Own, Thursday September 22nd 1955

Inspiration? A more updated cut, reflecting the eight years between the dates; overall, I was impressed. And a bit over-excited!

More pictures from this Woman’s Own edition if you keep reading…

Walter Wyles for Woman's Own

I’m becoming addicted to these magazine illustrations. I found two excellent blogs about illustrators that are definitely worth visiting if you like these kinds of pictures:

Definitely worth a look.

Paris Chic

Which Mad Men character would be most likely to wear these dresses? I’m thinking Betty Draper. She’s got the money and the style, and most likely the opportunity.

More Secrets of Parisian Chic

I’ll be keeping my eye out as I move onto Season 4 to see if there are any other Mad Men comparisons to be made. I’ve already got in my mind a pink Betty Draper dress from a previous series – I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere in one of my magazines!


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