Some Scheurich Stunners

Scheurich 517-30

No words necessary (apart from these); just pretty pictures of perfectly proportioned pottery.

Scheurich 400 - 22
Scheurich 549-21

Aidan tells me that one’s a high form number for Scheurich, so there’s potential for it to be a later-made form.

Scheurich 400 - 22
Scheurich 266 - 28
Scheurich 284-53 - it's a beast!

That particular pot was amazing on the journey from Germany – it was like the ceramic equivalent of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. We must have wrapped and stored about twenty other pots inside it!


Scheurich 517-45

Gorgeous, gorgeous glaze on that one.

Some people can be a bit snooty about Scheurich as it is one of the more recognisable factories now; it seems that the average person who’s just got into WGP flock towards Scheurich like magpies. It’s a bit like music lovers: they only like  a band until it hits the main stream big time. Perhaps Scheurich is the Coldplay of the West German pottery world. Whatever. In my opinion, they still make some lovely glazes and attractive forms.

And let’s be honest – I bet we all bought a Scheurich vase for our first one…


10 Comments Add yours

  1. ninon says:

    ahaha, I really dig the Coldplay comparison!
    the Beast is a real eyecatcher, I love the stripes and circles!

    1. littleowlski says:

      It’s lovely, isn’t it? We’ve sold that one now, but we do have a smaller, balloon vase in the same glaze.

  2. julian shimmin says:

    nice to see them again (look what you could have had!!) still like the turquoise 517.

    1. littleowlski says:

      It’s already gone, I’m afraid. Wowie Zowie bought it along with many of the other Scheurich vases on this post. It’s probably worth you visiting their shop in Chorlton if you can, it’s lovely!

      1. julian shimmin says:

        put some new pics on flickr (postman visited today!!) have a look. more op art white porzellan (one vv weird one!!)

    2. littleowlski says:

      I like the new ones, especially the one with an ammonite handle! You do have some gorgeous pottery.

  3. The last one is amazing! 😀
    I love Coldplay and then I still love Scheurich…who cares what the other people think? 😉

    Fantastic findings!

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