Happy Pancake Day!


I love pancakes. Simple as that. So, in honour of the day, I set out to try and find vintage adverts in my Woman’s Own magazines that would make up the ingredients for a pancake.

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t very successful!

I managed to find one for flour:

McDougall's Flour

But it’s more a cake picture and not quite right.

I also managed to find an advert for milk (though close your eyes if you hate Nestle’s):

Nestle's Milk

And then I came a bit unstuck. I haven’t been able to find an advert for eggs. Perhaps they stopped eating them in the 1950s? So, I was forced to look for toppings instead:

Gale's Honey

And possibly my favourite, because it is just so terribly, terribly bad:

Wall's Icecream

She actually frightens me… it’s like she’s saying, “Eat the icecream, look at it’s delicious shell-shapedness and EAT IT. You’ll look like me…” I don’t want to look like you, scary Wall’s Woman!

Oh god, there’s more:

Wall's Icecream

That’s how I’m always going to eat ice-cream from now on, from inside a scooped out orange.

I did try to find a lemon juice and sugar one; to no avail. As a last resort, this  advert for oranges caught my eye:

Outspan Oranges

Apart from the freakily cheerful, rosy-cheeked children of the orange advert, just look at the man on the toothpaste advert next to it! Apparently, that particular toothpaste turns you into a window-peeping weirdo.

Never mind. Although my plans to create a wonderfully vintage version of pancakes has been somewhat thwarted, the excuse to eat pancakes is still with us for another few hours. Whatever you do with yours tonight, enjoy!


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  1. Petra says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog a couple of times already. Had a look at yours too. Totally agreeing with you on Ruscha and Roth, not always being that good. The Ruscha Art vases (part of Scheurich by then) are usually mwah mwah. The silly ones by Roth are just hilarious. They make me fall of my chair! As do the prices for the Roth “guitars” by the way. This blog about the pancakes is brilliant! Very funny!

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