Balloon Vases: No Clowns Allowed

Yet another collection has been started as a result of the tripping to and fro from Deutschland: The Balloon Vases.

The latest one is this:

Scheurich 234-15

I wouldn’t recommend trying to tie these together on a piece of string, or popping them. However, you can try to make some good-looking displays:

The collection of size 15cm

I did say try to make some good pictures. You should know by now that my photography skills are not the best:

Mummies and babies...

Possibly my worst attempt was this one:


I’m not sure why I share these rubbish photos sometimes!

My favourite one is probably either this newest one or the two larger ones. I remember how excited we were when we found the larger swirly-patterned one – it was from social warehouse place that felt like it hadn’t been touched in years. Another trip is booked in for April, so we’ll see if we can find any more then.


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