Charity shopping and Cawthorne Antiques


Last night we went to visit our friend John, who has finally moved into his house eighteen months after buying it! This meant that we were in Barnsley for today and, what with the glorious weather, we took the opportunity to visit the charity shops and Cawthorne Antiques Centre.

Unfortunately, the pickings were fairly slim in the charity shops. All I found were these vintage books:

Vintage Reading Books and Dictionary - £1

The trip to Cawthorne Antiques Centre was much more successful. We always like going there; it’s got a good mixture of antiques, including a couple of rooms and stalls of the kind of  ‘vintage and retro’ stuff I like. Prices are reasonable as well.

Italian small vases
Tretchikoff Style Ceramic Head Vase

We’ve had a couple of these before and they always seem to be popular on Ebay. Never been able to find anything out about them though. Aidan spotted both the Italian vases and the Tretchikoff style head. I think I’ll keep the vases for a while.

Vintage greetings cards

Some of those are a bit rubbish but there are some lovely ones mixed in. Most seem to be for Christmas, so I’ll probably save them until then to blog about.

Ridgway Homemaker Teacup and Saucer

The Ridgway Homemaker design is one of my absolute favourite Mid Century prints. We actually bought two teacups and six saucers: one of the cups is chipped but I think we’ll be able to find cups to match the saucers.

Lovely day all in all. Let’s hope the gorgeous sunshine continues for tomorrow.

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