Sunday Car Boot Sale in Glossop


Yesterday’s glorious sunshine saw the start of the car boot season for us properly. We made it to both the Oldham Rugby Club and Ashton Town Centre car boot sales. There weren’t massive amounts of retro and vintage goodies to be found, but we did (well, I did!) come away with a few things:

West German Pots

They may be small; they may be brown but these two pots are proof that you can still find West German Pottery in Britain for less than a fiver! They cost a grand total of £2. I actually quite like the swirls on the Scheurich one (left) and the shape and handle of the one on the right (not yet identified).

1940s Plaster Poodles

Considering how much he hated the Scottie Dog coasters, Aidan seems to quite like these. So they’ve managed to stay in the living room for the time being, just in front of the Art Deco glass block and the Carstens Ankara collection.

1960s Board Game: Dr. Magini

This funny little game made me smile and as it was only £1, I had to buy. Well, I didn’t have to, but you know what I mean… You twist Dr. Magini to face one of the questions (left hand side of the board). When you place him on the other side, he magically swings around to face the correct answer. How does he do it??

Trifari Necklace

Yet another 1960s pendant necklace. I think I’m becoming a bit addicted to them!

Yesterday was just such a lovely day. Despite having spent most of the rest of the day marking, the fact that I was able to do it whilst sat in beautiful sunshine in the garden made it bearable. Here’s hoping the weather is just as good for our road trip to Germany on Friday.

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