April Illustrations: Pretty in Pink

'You Build My Dreams' by Fredric Varady

One of the things I love about these magazines is that even on the pages where they don’t use full colour, there’s still an attempt to create a pleasing effect. These ‘pink pages’ are no exception. In fact, pink seems to be a theme for the April editions:

She doesn’t look that upset by her ‘cold and frigid’ husband; still found the time to put on a nice skirt and do her makeup.

A Richer Dust
Illustrated by Eileen Walton

This is one of the few illustrations I’ve seen that doesn’t depict a man and a woman; I quite like it for this.

We head off to Germany tomorrow! If I get chance, I’ll line up a couple of posts before I go. Otherwise, it’s Auf Wiedersehen until Thursday next week.



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