West German Pottery: Reds and Blues


In approximately three hours’ time, we will be setting off on, what I think is, our fifth trip to Germany. Yep, just done a quick count-up in my head, and it’s our fifth roadtrip over there!

Scheurich 238-14

As always, Aidan heads up the planning of the trip and my job is to sort out food for the journey and pack the car whilst he has a sleep.

Unfortunately, this morning we had a bit of a disaster getting to work. The trains were all cancelled from Glossop, so we had to hot-foot it back to our house and rev up Tina for a pre-trip excursion to Manchester. This means Aidan’s had to drive back from work as well, meaning he’s probably stuck in traffic as I type and I’ve not been able to pack our things.

Dumler & Breiden 602/21

Never mind, he should be home soon; he can have a quick kip whilst I finish off sorting out. Or do some more blogs… either way, very shortly we’ll be heading off to find some more retro and vintage gems from the hidden corners of Germany.

I wonder if we’ll find a pot as big as this one:

Bay 995-60

Affectionately known as ‘Big Bertha’, we had to guard her for about twenty minutes at a troedelmarkt whilst we waited for the stall-owner to reappear. On the same market, there was actually an even bigger pot but it was vile so we left it.

Fingers crossed we find some more lovely pots… I’m sure we will. Maybe a boyfriend for ‘Big Bertha’… Big Bertie, perhaps?


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