“You Can Go Your Own Waaaay…” – the Roadtrip Soundtrack

Our lovely Ford KA, Tina, has only got a tape deck. For some strange reason, she won’t play the tape-to-mp3 converter tapes, so we are limited to the radio and old-fashioned C-90s. This isn’t normally a problem within our home town and country, as we can usually get XFM whereever we’re normally travelling. However, shall we say that the European radio can leave a lot to be desired?

Hence, we are building up a collection of tapes used on the German roadtrips. Not that all of these are much better… but here is a selection of videos of some of songs that provide the soundtrack to our German roadtripping:

We found the EMF tape in an antiques centre and I paid the grand sum of fifty cents for it. It provided a much needed relief from Fleetwood Mac and Lady Gaga!

That one’s for when I’m pretending to be Stevie Nicks on the Autobahn

We do have a selection of tapes that we’ve recorded, using the infamous ‘Egg’ cheapo tape deck Aidan bought me a few years ago. Unfortunately, the Egg has long since been cracked (poor joke, I’m sorry) and we’ve had no way to re-record the tapes…

I must credit the German radio though for making me a fan of certain pop records:

That song will always remind me of the original roadtrip when the first week was scorching hot sunshine. It makes me think of driving down the autobahn, Aidan having to take his shirt off because it was so warm!

 I wonder what songs we’ll come back with in our heads this time?

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