Funny Friday: Otto and Sgrafo


As seems to be the case, the West German pottery that we decide to keep often gets blogged about last. Because some of the stuff we sell shifts so quickly, I often write about it before it’s disappeared from my memory. Unfortunately (for my little blog), Aidan’s managed to shift so many of the pots already this time. It feels like the house is bare! Comparatively speaking, of course…

Here are some of the pieces we’re keeping this time:

Otto Keramik

This Otto pot is possibly one of the most unusual pieces of West German pottery we own: it looks like it’s made of metal, with thin lines of green-copper ‘cracks’ running through it.

Otto do make some lovely pottery. They always seem to have either a unique glaze, shape or colour to them. Some of our best pieces have come from this factory.

We seemed to find some altogether peculiar items this time. Though none perhaps as odd as this…


We bought this from a couple of women on a flea market who were rather bemused with our purchase! It’s certainly one of the more unusual pieces of West German pottery we’ve got. I think it’ll be staying with us for a while longer yet as it’s quite cheery looking in the bedroom.

This is the first Sgrafo piece we’ve ever come across. Honestly, having looked on the Pottery and Glass forum, I think it’ll be the only one we have. Can’t say I’ve been too keen on others I’ve seen on there…

Thank God it’s Friday! Hope everyone who’s had a tough week has the weekend they deserve. I’m already drinking a beer…


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