65daysofstatic Re-score ‘Silent Running’


Today I’m off to run the Manchester 10k and Aidan is running the Eyam Half Marathon – marketed as the hilliest half marathon in the country! So, what better preparation than to go and see a band last night?

One of our favourite bands is 65daysofstatic:

I first got into them a couple of years ago after finding them on some random musicsharing website that I can’t remember the name of for the life of me! It’ll come back to me at some point. We then went to the Hop Farm Festival with a couple of free tickets and saw them play there, just before British Sea Power and Fight Like Apes.

Yesterday, they were playing as part of the Sensoria film and music festival at the Royal Northern College of Music on Oxford Road, Manchester. However, instead of playing their usual set they were doing a live rescore of the film ‘Silent Running.’

It was just phenomenal. Apart from the fact that everyone there was a little bit ‘too cool for school’; it was magnificent. The sound was fantastic – apart from a minor hiccup half way through where it went out of sync with the film – their reimagining was beautifully in-keeping with the original film. I actually preferred their music to the original for the majority of the film.

I was also quite glad that they didn’t try to replicate Joan Baez… I’m sure true fans will hate me for it, but I’m not a massive fan of her warbling on the original soundtrack.

Love the music, not so keen on her voice.

Amazing evening and I can only hope that they now release their version of the soundtrack onto CD.

Well, I’d better go and get ready for the 10k as I’m leaving in approximately twenty minutes. Good luck to everyone else who’s running it today!

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