1950s Fruit Costume Jewellery


Not that I’m particularly fashionable, but I do love this ‘latest’ idea from 1952: fruit inspired costume jewellery.

“Gay, colourfully cunning arrangements of little cherries, oranges, red currants or plums give us the newest, most amusing idea for costume jewellery and emphasize [sic] the colour importance of our Spring clothes.”

So there you go.

Orange buttons and cufflinks

Why would you not want to look like you’d got lost in an orange grove? I think if you tried to do anything other than the ‘I’m a little teapot’ dance (as she seems to be doing here), those oranges would definitely get in your way.

I think we should have some kind of caption contest with this one. The grimace, the choker, the pink glove covering her armpit… there’s definitely a joke in there somewhere.

I’m thinking that vintage jewellery inspired by fruit (especially oranges) could be the way to go for the rest of spring. Might steer clear of the plums though: not sure I fancy those dangling from my lapel.

Pictures from Woman’s Own, Thursday February 28th, 1952. Article written by Suzanne Grey, Woman’s Own’s Fashion Editor.

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