60s Spage Age West German Pottery

We’ve been experiencing internet issues here. On Wednesday, a mysterious BT engineer appeared, fiddled around with the telephone mast and disappeared. Internet and phone went down. Thursday, he reappeared, told Aidan that all of the lines had been swapped over on the street and everyone was receiving their neighbour’s calls.

Now as we’re not with BT, but with the fairly elusive Bulldog/Pipex/TalkTalk/whoever, we’ve had to ring them to try and sort it out. The internet comes on after a while but we’ve still not got any telephone. It’s a bit odd.

Anyway, internet appears to be working today, so on with the blogging!

Carstens 1253

One of my favourite West German Pottery makers is Carstens. I’m a massive fan of their Ankara glaze and I really love this range of pots they did. This is our third form in the range.

There’s something really 60s and Space Age about these shapes. Obviously, the designers were inspired by a whole variety of things; the Space Race of the Mid Century would have been an obvious influence.

They do look very 60s in shape and the crusty band around the middle is reminiscent of rock, perhaps reflecting the trips to the Moon?

Thanks to Kevin Graham (@Spritzdekor), I now know a bit more about these. They were designed by Heinz Siery to be part of the Carstens Luxus range, released in 1967. Kevin has referred to them as UFO vases – so I wasn’t too far off with my Space Age evaluation!

I can feel that today is going to be a day of many blogs prepared, just in case the internet goes off!


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  1. lavalotti says:

    Carstens is one of my favourite manufacturers too. That’s a gorgeous trio!

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