The West German Pottery Empire Expands…

…Taking over the house once again!

Well, Aidan arrived back at 2am yesterday morning, literally fizzing over with excitement to be back (“I drank 2 litres of Coke to keep awake…”); and we did stay away, until five in the morning! We resisted the urge to unpack the car in the dead of night, restraining ourselves until it got light at least. Yesterday was spent unwrapping, photographing and identifying as many pieces as we could. We eventually finished at about eleven o’clock last night!

Here’s a sneaky preview of the West German pottery that he brought back:

I’ve deliberately left off pictures of some of the most amazing finds as Aidan wants to put them onto the Pottery and Glass forum first. It’s only fair as he did go all the way to Germany by himself! Let’s just say, some of the pots he brought back are the best I’ve ever seen in real life. I’m a little bit too excited by them!

The new car – Wanda – appears to have done very well:

If anybody asks, she is most definitely a car and not a van… How many pieces of retro pottery, lamps, glass vases, pictures etc., etc.,  can you fit into a Kangoo? The answer is quite a lot. She wasn’t filled up to the rafters like Tina used to be and we’ve counted about 250 pieces as an estimate. This includes some whopping lampshades that we used to have to leave.

I think Aidan stayed in some interesting places whilst he was in Germany:

This is a monastery near to Frankfurt. When Aidan rang me the night he was staying there, he’d been shown to his room by the head priest and had to dodge a wedding on the way in!

This was a grotto in the woods near to the monastery. I’m so jealous when I look at these pictures, I really wish I was there!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. julian shimmin says:

    great haul guys, can’t wait to see the “amazing” stuff………………

  2. julian shimmin says:

    hello guys, lisa likes the big lora, is it for sale? can we come and view your stuff?……..
    let us know please 🙂

  3. lavalotti says:

    Wow!! What a haul!

  4. Ray Garrod says:

    OMG! Im so envious,…I can only dream of getting hold of a stash like that!

    1. littleowlski says:

      Come to my house and you can get your hands on it!

  5. Robert Jabbour says:

    hey guys i like the west german pottery and i want know i cant bay it from germany

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