Scheurich 414 and 279

What can I say? I like them, alright?

Scheurich 414

With these new additions, it takes me up to 33 different glazes. The brown one on the right was my first ever internet freebie! Sent by an extremely kind buyer on Ebay – Aidan’s done them a swap for a different Scheurich they’re after. The red and blue ones Aidan found on his solo Germany trip.

Now that I’ve got so many glazes, I can put some pretty combinations together. This one is primary colours inspired:

Scheurich 414-16

I just need an all yellow one now to complete the set.

I was going to post the next one up as a ‘Big Pot, Little Pot’ post, but I’m too excited to wait another day…

Scheurich 279 and its 'babies'

We’ve wanted a 279 for so long! Aidan was very sneaky with this one – he didn’t tell me he’d bought this while he was away and eventually pulled it out of the car at about half ten on Monday evening. He then set up this display for me… it looks a little bit like a mother hen with its chicks; probably needs a rejig at some point!

Scheurich 279

Not only is this one of my favourite forms, this is a stunning glaze. We’ve seen only one of these before in a retro shop in London, but it was a fairly dull glaze. Even then, we were fairly tempted to buy it. I’m so glad we didn’t and waited for this one – it was worth it.

Gorgeous glaze

So it seems the 414 collection is expanding ever more – both outwards and upwards! I’ll have to get Aidan to put even more shelves up to cope with them all… that’ll be another evening of laughs, but that’s a story for another day.


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