Green, green, green…

My favourite colour ever! Yet for some reason, many people don’t like it; particularly in their retro pottery. I love it. So this is a Green Feast of West German pottery, just for me:

I had many grand plans of what I was going to accomplish this evening. Driving lesson went relatively well. It’s my third one so far (not counting the two I had two years ago…); today I managed hill starts, emergency stops, drove to Buxton, parallel parking, turning, up to fourth gear and back down again. However, I was feeling quite tired and stalled a few times which made me cross. I kept forgetting to put it back into first when I’d come to a stop. Anyway, the short story is: I’m tired. So the run and marking of year 7 assessments is not going to happen. What will now happen is a bath and some Heroes in bed. Ah, but first I have to actually make the bed… I know it’s early and I really don’t care! Night all…


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  1. RMG says:

    Love the Dumler & Breiden ones…I’ve had some in simlar designs but didnt know their maker. Now I know, thankyou!

  2. baun says:

    Love those green colours, wonderful selection:)

  3. afterglow76 says:

    Love the multitude of styles, really shows the endless variations of great design in West German pottery, love the Carstens Luxus vase especially.

    1. littleowlski says:

      They really did do some amazing things; and most of these are just fairly ordinary, standard designs. Together, they make quite a good effect!

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