Glorious Glazes

I’ve just been looking at our vast collection of pots and thinking about how varied the glazes can be. Now, these pots are not necessarily my favourites (though some of them definitely are!) – it was more a case of what was close to hand!

Like I said, not all of these are favourites but they do show the variety and breadth of glazes that can be created. I’m no expert, but some of these look incredibly tricky to produce. Many people in the West German Pottery world can mock Scheurich, but some of the most striking glazes here were produced by that particular factory.

We’ve finally booked our holiday this evening – we’re leaving on Sunday! – so I’m a bit excited by that. If I get time tomorrow, I’m going to scour my Woman’s Own magazines for holiday related pictures, articles and adverts. That depends on if I can get packed in time though. Wish me luck!


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  1. Lyndsey Pratt says:

    Hi, found your site by accident when doing a search for a Kevin James Graham book I found mentioned on See several items I have bought from you – the lamp and the Red/Grey Montignac(which has a sad story you know. I really love your Ruscha Wall plate, have some lovely ones myself. Have shown my husband your photos hoping it will make him feel better about the deluge of boxes that have been arriving from Germany since my obsession started several months ago. Would love to go the Germany hunting too, but for health insurance reasons can’t now leave the UK. Anyway do you know where you can get Kevin Graham’s 2009 book?

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Lyndsey, good to hear from you and glad that I can allay some of your husband’s fears about the pots! The wall plaques are good – when I get round to it, I’ll do some more detailed posts with some better pictures. I think if you get in contact with Stuart Brownrigg at Bygone Times, he has some of Kevin’s books and DVDs in stock. His stall is also worth a visit just for the sheer scale and amazing array of pots he has there! is the website. I’ll ask Kevin if there’s another way to get a book to you and let you know. Emma 🙂

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