A Creature Feature

I don’t know what it is about animals and retro items – for some unknown reason, I just like anything that combines creatures and age. Usually, the more kitsch the better, but some of these would probably pass muster in more stylish homes.

Mick Kirkby-Geddes Penguin and Unknown
Mick Kirkby-Geddes Penguin and Unknown

The penguin on the left was made by Mick Kirkby-Geddes (a.k.a. Metal Mick) for Aidan when he was a child.  As a youngster, Aidan loved penguins (to be honest, he still does!) so the penguin was specially made for him by Metal Mick. We love it and it lives in our bedroom at the moment. The penguin on the right came from Germany. No idea who has made it! It looks like Happy Feet to me, which I don’t mind as it’s one of my favourite children’s films.


 Aidan bought this gorgeous pot from Kevin Graham when we visited him in Germany this summer. The pot is by Carstens, and off the top of my head, I think it was designed by Gerda Heuckeroth (Kevin or Stuart will correct me, if I’m wrong!). It features stylised pictures of starfish and sharks.

CarstensI also quite like things that feature flowers, plants and other nature related things:Scheurich

Scheurich seem to be able to pull the ‘nature on pottery’ theme quite well:

Scheurich 271 and Otto 'Mushrooms'
Scheurich 271 and Otto 'Mushrooms'

I love the cherry print on this Scheurich pot and what do you think of those Otto mushroom teeny pots? Cherries and mushrooms aren’t a usual combination, but  think here we can get away with it.

A post about creatures and nature wouldn’t be the same without some kitsch owl related paraphenalia. In this case, some owl-shaped pottery:

Retro Pottery Owls
Retro Pottery Owls

The red one on the right is made by Steuler, but I’m not sure about the one on the left. It could be a Bay Keramik, it has that look about it.

It’s difficult to choose a favourite out of all of these things. I’m sure even Aidan would be hard-pressed to choose between his Metal Mick penguin, Carstens pot and Otto mushrooms…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rubat says:

    Love the Carstens vase…..and the Steuler owl is wonderful..i like the blue owl twoo it looks very wise 🙂 the penguin made for Aidan looks naughty!

    1. littleowlski says:

      I do love owlly things, and these two are particular good 🙂

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