Megan’s Vintage Party


On Friday, my sister Megan hosted a vintage party at our parents’ house in Stafford. She’s held one before that I couldn’t get to, but this time I went on a trip down after school finished on Friday to have a look.

Meg and my dad had been to Germany the week before on a buying expedition – the whole family’s getting in on it now! The party was a great success. I couldn’t get over how good the front room looked; it was like a proper shop. I bought two amazing pieces of pottery from my dad (you’ll have to wait and see!), and from Megan I bought two vintage 1960s pendant necklaces, a 1970s St. Michael mustard yellow cardigan and a 1980s green floral blouse, complete with giant shoulder pads. She had some amazing retro dresses, but I decided to hold back as I always buy things like that then fail to wear them.

If anybody is interested in vintage clothing in the Stafford/West Midlands area, get in touch with Megan via Twitter (@wulfricjarvis) or her Facebook group here.


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  1. rubat says:

    Hi is great that all your family are getting into the German pottery :)…looks like it was a great party…:)

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