Pots by Parents

So, the pottery I bought from my parents… It was odd, really. As I was on the train on the way down to Stafford – apart from reading ‘How to Be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran, which was killing me with restrained laughter – I was thinking about the pottery my dad said he’d bought from Germany. I genuinely considered if they’d found anything like a Schaffenacker. But as we’ve only found one in all of our trips over there, I thought the chances were slim.

First thing I saw as I walked into the kitchen where the pots were living was this:

Schaffenacker 703
Schaffenacker 703

My mum says my face was a picture; I pretty much launched myself at it whilst saying, “I’m having it! I’ll give you what you want for it!” We L.O.V.E. these. No other way to put it. And it’s only the second one we’ve ever had.

As if it couldn’t get any better, they also had one of these beauties:

Italian Wall Plate
Italian Wall Plate

It’s just gorgeous and matches my large vase beautifully. My sister, Megan, spotted both of these pieces. The Schaffenacker she says she knew I would like, but I think the Italian plate she was eyeing up for herself. No chance was I letting her keep it! Sorry to be selfish, Meg, but I love it too much!

I can only hope they get this lucky again when they visit Germany next…

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