Going with the Flow


Friday was a tough day… only because I’d been to watch Pete and the Pirates the night before along with Aidan and some friends from work. Good gig, but you know how it is. Trying to recover after one is difficult enough without having to cope with under-sixteens. Friday survived; I arrived home to find this on my doorstep:

Flow Magazine Nummer 6 2011
Flow Magazine Nummer 6 2011

When we visited the Fat Lava exhibition in Amsterdam, we were interviewed by a journalist from the Dutch magazine, ‘Flow‘ but as we’d not heard anything from them, I never thought any more of it. How surprised was I to see this, then? And need I say excited?!

Fat Lava Article
Fat Lava Article
Fat Lava @ Flow Magazine
Fat Lava @ Flow Magazine

 This is it! The article about Fat Lava and it looks fantastic. I can’t read any Dutch, but there are enough similarities with German to get some of the general gist… I wish. It seems to have a very brief history, an interview with illustrator Elisandra (who created the fabulous Fat Lava illustrations in the article), Emiel Monnink who helped to set up the exhibition alongside Kevin Graham and, of course, Mark Hill. There’s a small piece about the exhibition and a short section on the Ruscha 313, as one of the more recognisable West German Pottery shapes.

Did I make an appearance? A little tiny one:

My blog in print!
My blog in print!

 There it is: my blog in tiny print. It’s only little, but oh, how it’s made me happy. The text underneath reads (according to Babelfish-ish, I did have to use my judgement as well to translate this!): “Blog of an English Fat Lava supporter. She’s looking for a larger house to keep her thousands and thousands of vases in.” Well, what Babelfish actually said was this: ‘Blog of an English fop lava supporter, ‘ totally addicted to fop Lava.’ She looks out to a larger house its collection of thousands and thousands of vaze lost is possible.’ I’m very pleased that we got a mention!

The magazine itself looks fantastic: well designed and an interesting variety of articles and random artwork.

Feel Connected Print @ Flow Magazine
Feel Connected Print @ Flow Magazine
Paper Kunst @ Flow Magazine
Paper Kunst @ Flow Magazine
Spoil Yourself @ Flow Magazine
Spoil Yourself @ Flow Magazine

 There’s also a random wall sticker as part of the magazine:

Poppies Wall Sticker @ Flow Magazine
Poppies Wall Sticker @ Flow Magazine

 I’ve cleaned the wall I want to put this up on earlier, just waiting for it to dry before we stick this up.

Coupled with it being the weekend and the thought of going to the Vintage Village tomorrow at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, this has made me pretty excited. Bit of a shame that today I’ve woken up sounding like, as Aidan put it, a late night radio host. My voice is incredibly hoarse and I’m sounding a bit odd. Never mind, let the joy continue for the rest of the weekend… or at least, go with the Flow.

(See what I did there?)

Simplify Your Life @ Flow Magazine




8 Comments Add yours

  1. sevenstarsimages says:

    I am glad the article is so good and I bet there will be some new WGP lovers after this, the virus is spreading…;)

  2. Pauline says:

    Hi Emma, sorry i didn’t see this post on Saturday or i would have gone to the bookstore right away. Will do so on monday though. And have a good look. How very nice. I bought the last one because it had an article by Elisandra, but this is maybe even better! Fantastic!

    1. littleowlski says:

      If you do happen to get it Pauline, if you wouldn’t mind giving me a general translation of it – some kind of summary! – I’d be really grateful. Obviously, I don’t really understand a word of it! I hope you enjoy it! Emma

      1. Pauline says:

        Hi Emma, no problem. I’ll pm you on the Forum. Bit long to do the translation here. I must say, it is a sensible article, the writer has really understood the point. (Which is not always the case.) I’m up to my neck in presentations at the moment, but my hub is going to have his eyes lasered on thursday, so a lot of waitingroomhangingaround in store for me: perfect for translating a bit, don’t you think?

      2. littleowlski says:

        Oh Pauline, that would be amazing if you could have a go at it. I really would appreciate it. Hope your husband’s eye lasering goes well – one of my friends has had hers done in the summer and she loves it! I’m glad to hear the article is a good one too; so often, these types of articles can miss the point entirely. Many thanks again, Emma.

  3. Hello Emma,

    I should of told you as well. I was also so happy with this article.
    Just as Pauline said, It is written very well !!
    Perhaps Suzan Hamer could do a short translation on this? http://www.proz.com/profile/142037
    She did a English check-up at my website for free, and is extremely good in it too. She also came to the opening of the More than Fat Lava exhibition in Amsterdam.
    The picture that you also posted from ‘Flow’ magazine, of the dark girl (which is b.t.w. completely photo shopped) by Ruud van Empel, is now to be seen at the Groninger Museum in Holland. Almost all his work is bought by his biggest fan and collector Sir Elton John.
    I think I am going to the museum this week, to see it too 😉

    Take care Emma 🙂

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Emiel, I’m really pleased it was such a good article, and thanks for the tipoff for the translation. I love those pictures, been Googling them like mad! I think a detour could be made to the Museum next time we’re passing nearby on our way to Germany. 🙂

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