’70s and ’80s Magazines for Sale

Regular readers will know by now my love for all things of yesteryear. My decade of choice is the 1950s, though I will go to the ’60s and late ’40s at a push. I do have some magazines from the ’70s and ’80s but they never get read, so I’ve made the decision to sell them. If you’re interested, all of the magazines below will be listed on Ebay from this evening for seven days.

There are some quite interesting articles and adverts in them. My favourite advert is a Nivea one: it has a picture of a really old Native American woman and a caption that reads something like, “Looks 80 doesn’t she? Halve that to get nearer her real age.” Apparently using Nivea will stop you looking like a wizened old squaw…

Have a look at the magazines on Ebay here.


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