Kitsch Deer Barometer

I imagine when the designers thought this one up their thought processes went a little like this:

“Hmmm, everyone wants a dead deer’s head hanging from their wall nowadays. But what about the vegetarians? Perhaps they want to share in this experience too! And what about the people who want a barometer on their wall as well? Eureka! I’ve got it! Why not combine the two into a wall ornament which is trendy yet fully functional.”

I give you: the Plastic Deer Barometer.

Retro Plastic Deer Barometer
Retro Plastic Deer Barometer

We found this on Saturday in a charity shop in Glossop. I pointed at it and laughed, then the laughter turned to… hang on, that’s really kitsch, isn’t it? Do you think that would sell on Ebay? Quite possibly…

Retro deer head barometer

We’ve compared it to the German barometer we currently have hanging up in the kitchen, and it does appear to be working. It’s completely made of plastic, and I can’t see any manufacturer’s marks on it. It does say ‘Made in GB’ and in tiny letters M.M. Ltd. Wish me luck trying to find the maker from that!

As is always the case with us, something like this just has to be displayed for a while:

It’s replaced the wooden backed print of a girl playing a guitar for the time being. I wonder what any potential buyers will think of it! I’ll be honest, I think it’s growing on me. (Well, not literally growing on me… that would be weird). I think this has the potential to hang around for a while.


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  1. Mel says:

    Here in new Zealand they have a bit of a retro following and are quite popular on our auction site Trade Me. I was just googling painting them & your site came up ! The head detaches off the barometer, I am going to spray neon pink & hang in my daughters room!

    1. littleowlski says:

      That’s a really good idea to spray paint it! That means you could keep doing that whenever you fancy a different colour to match your decor. Thanks for the tip! Emma 🙂

      1. charlie says:

        Are you thinking of selling this? I’ve got 2 similar ones – a moose and a ram , would be nice to have a little family of them., cheers, charlie

  2. dilystreacle says:

    hiya, i’ve just discovered your blog after i was faffing about on google earlier tonight! i love love love seeing the bits you’ve picked up in charity shops, this deer barometer is amazing! i would be so happy to have found that, i’ve never seen one anywhere, guna have to keep my eyes peeled when i go charity shopping from now on! X

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