Posing the Pottery


Aidan’s been getting more elaborate with his West German Pottery displays over the last two weeks, thinking up more unusual ways to show off the items for sale on his Ebay listings:

West German Pottery ending 29th August
West German Pottery ending 29th August

From L-R starting at the top: Hutschenreuthe​rItalian Bitossi style vase, Jasba N Series ‘Moon’ vase, Scheurich 267 Prisma, U KeramikScheurich 231, 1950s Jasba, and Bay Keramik 

West German Pottery ending Wednesday 5th September
West German Pottery ending Wednesday 5th September

From top to bottom then L-R: Carstens plant pot, unknown black and red plant pot, unknown ‘drippy’ plant pot, Winterling bamboo porcelain vase, Jopeko vase/plant pot, unknown red and brown plant potScheurich 238-18, Schlossberg 270-15, Schlossberg 259-11, Carstens, Scheurich 284 ‘Balloon’ vase, ES KeramikItalian Pottery Studio piece.

There are some particularly stunning glazes and designs on the latest batch, showing off once again the scope and diversity of West German pottery. None of these would fit into the so-called ‘Fat Lava’ style, but there are many stunning shapes, colours, forms and glazes to be seen here.

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  1. L says:

    So glad I found your blog, I linked some photos back to your page, I just bought my first piece of west german pottery! xo L

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