Scheurich 549

One of my favourite Scheurich forms is the 549. It is simple yet stylish; seemingly perfect for showing off a variety of glazes – something which Scheurich certainly didn’t hold back on.

We’ve had quite a few of this form over the years and I always delight in seeing how the many varied glazes and patterns play out over the simple, mid century design of this shape:

This isn’t the only version of the Scheurich 549: there are two more variations to the form. I would guess, judging by the colour combinations on this variation, in comparison to some of the others that this version is a slightly later one.

For example, this version is much more muted in colour:

Scheurich 549-21 (2)
Scheurich 549-21 (2)

And strikes me that it could come from an early period. There’s something not as appealing about this version of the form; I don’t like the rim on the top in combination with the slightly sloped sides.

However, this 18cm version of the 549 is actually quite appealing:

Scheurich 549-18
Scheurich 549-18

Dating this version is a little more tricky. That example would suggest 1950s, whereas this following one would suggest later, perhaps the ’60s:

Scheurich 549-21 (7)
Scheurich 549-21

Once again, when you place many of the same form together, it shows off the variety that Scheurich had in their glazes. Although they may not demonstrate the technical intricacies of other manufacturers such as Otto or Ceramano, there’s no denying the scope of the imaginations of the designers at Scheurich.


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