Hello 2013, Goodbye 2012

It’s been so long, I almost feel the need to reintroduce myself. Hello, my name is Emma and this is my blog. Here I share pictures of my passion for various mid century ephemera and some tit-bits about my life… will that do?

It’s safe to say that 2012 was a big year. Not just for me, but for the nation as a whole. Obviously, I don’t need to rehash what has been written (to a finer standard!) elsewhere about the Jub-Olympics.  On a personal level, 2012 has been my favourite year to date, and not just because I was finally introduced to the joys of Rhythmic Gymnastics… Here’s some of the highlights that happened last year:

  • In February, Aidan and I finally bought a bigger, better house and renovated it.
  • I gave birth to our beautiful dandelion of a baby, Corliss, in November. Looking like the ’80s love child of Pat Sharp and Jon Bon Jovi, she has a penchant for retro knit wear and loud music.
  • We attended six weddings, including that of my sister, Kirsty, and her fab fella, Stan, in December. All six of these weddings were sober (for me!) affairs. Three of them were attended with a baby in tow…
  • Aidan’s brother and his girlfriend welcomed their baby girl, Elwen, in May.
  • With friends, we went to watch the Olympic road race at Box Hill. Despite spending most of the day itself hiding from the sunshine on a picnic blanket underneath a tree, I thoroughly enjoyed popping out like some kind of pregnant Jill-in-the-Box to cheer on the cyclists.

I hope all of my readers have enjoyed my ramblings over the year and that 2013 turns out to be an equally as exciting year for all of you.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Emma!
    What a year you had! So many wonderful things that happened, and you Corliss is so cute:)))) Have a nice time at home. Greetings Cinna

  2. Well done ! what a beautiful baby!!! I have been absent from blogging since late October -missed the whole thing…one ounce heavier than my daughter-but on advantage side of things -a lot of baby to hold , not so scary when you are new to the baby world! Fab name!
    May she be blessed!

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