Back into the Selling Swing of Things

You know, I made a promise to myself when I wrote my last post that I would really try to write a blog once a week. Once a week, I thought to myself, that’s more than do-able. It turns out that’s not really the case when you have a very active baby who rarely naps during the daytime…

However, I have managed (with the help of Aidan and his wonderful photography skills) to get some items listed on eBay. They were bought a few weeks ago: perusing chazzers is something that we can still do with a baby in tow.

Caithness Glass Vase
Caithness Glass Vase
'JAJ' Pyrex Cups
‘JAJ’ Pyrex Cups
Vintage Glasses
Vintage Glasses
Baret Ware Vintage Biscuit Tin
Baret Ware Vintage Biscuit Tin
Serpentine Dish Souvenir
Serpentine Dish Souvenir

The pictures of the Serpentine dish are my favourite. The seagull reminds me of this video by Metronomy:

Aidan and I celebrated our ten year anniversary last Saturday (ten years!!!) and he got me a digital radio to match our Cambridge Audio stack. Unfortunately, it was too late to listen to the BBC 6 Music Greatest 100 rundown on it, but it’s barely been turned off since. Most afternoons, Corliss and I have a dance around the living room to whatever either Radcliffe and Maconie or Steve Lamacq are playing. Great fun! If we’re not dancing, we’re playing, reading, cuddling or just laughing at each other:

Corliss reading
Getting her started on the books already!

She manages about three minutes before she starts to whinge – it’s about the length of one of the stories!

Aidan has been continuing with the West German Pottery selling since early January. In fact, these are what he has ending this evening:

West German Pottery ending tonight!
West German Pottery ending tonight!

If you click the pictures, it should take you to the eBay listings for the relevant items.

Tonight, we’re having Rachel round as it’s her birthday today. Happy birthday, Rachel! This is the lady in question:

It's the lady to the left...
It’s the lady to the left…

I’ve given up all hope of finishing one of her presents for this evening… and the other one hasn’t arrived yet! So, we’d better hope I can get some tea on the table at least!

Until next week*…

*By week, I mean month and most likely the month after that. Shall we say… May time?


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  1. cinna says:

    Great things! And your baby is so cute!

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