Happy New Year!

It’s been a whirlwind of Christmas holidays and New Year. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not feeling particularly verbose this evening, thanks to having very little sleep last night, so without much delay I shall bring on the pictures of vintage and retro Christmas goodies. In the words of Rihanna: Baby, this is what you came for…

I got some really great presents from Aidan this year. He’d worked so hard to renovate the little cabinet for me and I was so chuffed with it. Perfect for by my bed. The jewellery was just out of this world and my God friend Ele treated me to the most fantastic John Clappison for Hornsea mugs. As far as the retro and vintage side of things went, I was a very lucky girl.

As might be expected, I’ve not been doing too many chazzer hunts over the last month. I did find a stash of Woman’s Own magazines from the late ’40s which I’m sure I’ll share at some point. If you look on my instagram, I’m a bit better at keeping that updated than on here!

I can’t wait to have the time to sit down and look through them properly. The format of them is so similar to the ones from the early ’60s – clearly they didn’t want to mess with a style and layout that was working.

We – ahem, sorry, Father Christmas – got Corliss a really sweet Denby pottery plate, bowl and mug set. She’s been desperate for ‘a big girl’s pottery plate’ for ages so we got her the Dreamweaver set. Alas, I have no picture to show! Will remedy that one as soon as possible.

What did you get for Christmas?

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