Bring back the 1980s…


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Has anyone else noticed that the 1980s is everywhere at the moment? Perhaps I’m biased because I was born in 1984, but this is the year I truly to believe to be the zenith of the decade. Just take a look at the some of the top films released in that year or the top 100 UK singles . All of them are classics. Don’t come for me, you know it’s true. Netflix seems to have its own 1980s agenda with the release of Stranger Things and G.L.O.W.; the Stephen King film renaissance is steamrolling on, as well as a resurgence in interest in the kind of schlocky horror films and books that first made an impression in the ’80s. Fashion will inevitably follow suit, both in clothing and in the home. In fact, it’s already started.

I didn’t realise until I started looking though books from the late ’70s and early ’80s how much of current interior design seems to be influenced by that era. The coral pinks, shades of greens, zillions of house plants, square tiles in bathrooms and kitchens and everything wicker or bamboo – all of these things I’m seeing all over the more forward thinking interiors accounts on Instagram, but they all have their origins in that period. I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure about some of it. I do generally love ’80s pop culture. I love the music, films, toys, some of the more outlandish (and expensive!) designs of things like chairs and furniture. The post-modern style is definitely due a comeback. But I’ve never been a huge fan of pink in any shade other than fuschia, so while I love green (favourite colour) and plants I can’t massively get behind the combination of the two inside my home.

Having said that, many of my latest charity shop and car boot sale finds seem to be harking back to era. Sales for wicker and bamboo are slowly climbing up and anything plant related flies off the virtual ebay (and massively overcrowded garage) shelf. I get so many messages on Instagram (@littleowlski) whenever I post anything ’80s so I’d say that hit of nostalgia plus a new appreciation for the style is bringing it to the foreground once again.

I spent most of day photographing my latest finds, many of which you can see in the slideshow above. My first love in vintage is ’50s and ’60s, but I do have such nostalgic feelings for my ’80s finds. Perhaps it’s because so many of them are from my living memory. I can remember smoked glass cups in my grandma’s house and how grown up I felt if I was given a cup of tea in one of them (and then horrified yet fascinated to watch my grandma put her fag ash in the dregs of one of them…) or the bright colours of the fashion from that era, still living on in photographs of family photos. Perhaps this is why every decade has its fashionable day: there’s a generation that looks back to their own early years and wants to recreate those feelings again. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying hunting down some the pieces from that year and giving them a showcase again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and watch Ghostbusters and drink a cup of tea from a smoked glass mug, and think about painting my kitchen pink and green. Okay, maybe just the green.


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