Vintage Christmas Fun


Angels, Santa Claus, baubles, glass, plates, brass bells… You name it. If it’s Christmassy, a bit retro or vintage then I am all over it. I’ve been scouring the local charity shops to find anything that fits those criteria for the trees this year.

There’s something about Christmas and vintage that goes together so well… I’ve really enjoyed collecting up these bits and bobs and decorating the house this year. There’s still a bit too do – still not done a display for the dining room sideboard – but it’s been fun.

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll have seen some of these pictures already. We’ve also been selling wreaths that Aidan made, donating all the money raised to Cancer Research. It’s been hectic, fun and a bit emotional hearing people’s stories when they come to collect or donate.

It seems the last of the eBay sales are done so we’ll have a bit of a break from selling next week. I’ll still keep looking and listing right up to the day though as I actually enjoy it. Well, maybe have a few nights off to watch some Christmas films.

I dug out all of the Christmas books and I’ve been leafing through my vintage books to find Christmas related pictures. There’s been quite a few…

We’re hoping to wrap the kids presents tonight and relax with a bit more of Harry Potter (working our way through the films again – turned into a Christmas tradition).

Merry Christmas!


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