Retro Finds In New Mills


Last weekend we planned to go to Buxton and New Mills on Saturday, thinking that there wasn’t really much in New Mills to do. How wrong we were. We ended up spending the whole day there near enough. It’s a nice little town on the edge of the Peak District, a bit like Glossop really. It’s got a few charity shops, a good veggie cafe and some lovely walking near by with the Sett Valley trail.

I actually found some retro bits and bobs! It feels like that never happens nowadays. My first find was this:


The picture on the top book’s front cover was almost good enough to convince me to buy the book. However, a sensible head prevailed and I left it behind.

I like the charity shops in New Mills. A couple of them are a bit expensive but the Lighthouse charity one always has some interesting things in, as does the Oxfam. For once, the Oxfam isn’t ridiculously overpriced so we ended up leaving with lots of things from there.

Vintage Irish linen egg cosies

I don’t mind if these don’t actually sell on eBay because we’ll just use them over the Easter weekend. They’re pretty funny; I’m not sure anyone really needs egg cosies but I couldn’t resist those patterns. They weren’t cheap for a charity shop (£3.99) though. They were from the Oxfam, as was this:


Now this was just a daft but that I really do not need. At all. But I couldn’t resist it. It’s got toadstools on it and inside it! Sadly, it’s age 6-9 months so I’ve got no chance of squeezing Dexter and his lanky legs into it.

The inside of it

I’ll just keep it. Just in case. I’m a bit in love with toadstools on things. I’m currently trying to decide if these look a bit too babyish for Dexter:


I think he can get away with them. I’ve already ordered some similar ones with a carrot print on. Think I might have to get these as well. Actually, I’ve just talked myself into it. Back in five minutes…


So, to continue with the Retro Finds… It’s been a heck of a long time since I found anything West German or Italian in am English charity shop, and I almost didn’t even ask about this as I thought it would be expensive.


Cute, isn’t it? It’s got a little sticker on saying ‘Monaco’ so it would have been a nice bit of tourist tat to bring home from your hollybobs. How much, how much do you say for a nice little San Marino dish?


I know, £1.50! It was in the window and everything. I snapped it up, ignored the bloke in the till with his weird banter and skipped off gleefully into the sunset. Well, not quite, but you get the sentiment.

We finished up with a little walk around the river. I do mean little, mind. Dexy is still just tottering around so we couldn’t go too far. He and Corliss had great fun putting pebbles into the river and Corliss was fascinated when her dad found some old bits of pottery in the water.


This weekend we had planned to go to Sheffield on Saturday, having been told it’s good for antiques by some friends of ours, John and Laura (hello! Look, the creepy Easter rabbits are getting further down the page, aren’t you pleased?) but the small matter of a bit of snow has put paid to that plan.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. john hesketh says:

    Hi Emma The Easter bunnies will have their revenge soon….. Hope the snow clears and you can go to Sheff.See   Happy hunting!John & Laura

    1. littleowlski says:

      Well it is Easter soon, so maybe they need a revival… Thanks for the link! Hope you two are well, Emma and the clan x

  2. Jan Marriott says:

    I do love a charity shop outing.
    I picked up a pile of 40s-50s cutlery today here in NZ ( I live in Canada) I am going to send a picture of them to my sister in Kent just to make her jealous

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