San Marino Pottery

I’ve had a few pieces of San Marino pottery in the past, a few vases and dishes. Aidan’s selling one of the vases from the last trip on Ebay at the moment. (Check out penguinaidan’s stuff here).

I love the little pin dishes, but I’m still not so sure about the vases themselves.


They are quite attractive, but I’m just wary of beginning yet another collection! I’ve got a few pip/olive dishes on the kitchen window sill that I use for pips and used teabags – they’re useful so they can stay.


There are some good examples of the pottery on Ebay at the moment. I always scour it in the hope of finding hidden – and cheap! – finds that others have missed. I’m not usually very successful as I find it difficult to pay much for anything. Worth having a look here though.

I’m saying I won’t keep them or start a collection now… if the one Aidan’s currently listed on Ebay doesn’t sell, I can see me keeping them all!

Not sure which way to hope for.


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  1. Clay Brown says:

    I have a piece where the black/white coarse “glaze” looks similar to the pieces above. Is there a mark on the bottom?

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