People, Animals and Pottery


I have discovered the names of two new phobias today: Polyphobia and Tapinophobia. Polyphobia is the fear of many things and Tapinophobia is the fear of small objects. Imagine anyone with either of those coming into my house!

Isn’t there something somewhere that says that humans are obsessed with themselves (unless they’ve got autophobia – fear of oneself)? In the deep, dusty recesses of my mind, I’m sure I’ve read something about humans being inherently egotistical, from birth; it’s a battle since the day we are born to control our natural, egocentric tendencies.

Perhaps this is why we put pictures of ourselves in various forms onto everything. The pictures I’ve collated/curated today are all human and animal based, with a kind of prehistoric feel to them. Quite specific, quite lovely to look at…


Unfortunately, (well, not unfortunately really), we’ve already sold this one to Wowie Zowie, and I haven’t got ‘the List’ with me that Aidan compiled of all of the numbers. It is a big one though: 45cms if I remember rightly.

Interesting hunting motif to this one – though it does appear to have a UFO floating above the hunter’s head!

This one is so large that it has three sides to its design:

I think my little sister would have liked that one – she’s got a mad obsession for anything American Indian related.

The people and animals motif seems to appear regularly:

1342 - 24

I really like the stylised people on this: evidently, Wowie Zowie did too as this was another one they snapped up.

Carstens 158-30

Perhaps the most famous ‘prehistoric’ glaze design is the Montignac by Scheurich:

We got this one for Christmas a couple of years ago from my parents. My mum said to me,

“I asked your dad to check it on the internet, to see if it was valuable. He said it wasn’t so you can have it.”

Later, Geoff revealed that he never did look it up… ha, more fool you Silverback Dad!

They’re not to everybody’s taste, but I like the ‘people and animals’ theme. Incidentally, the fear of animals is Zoophobia and the fear of people is Anthropophobia. Great swathes of society will never be able to set foot inside my house…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aidan says:

    The number of the big orage pot is 284-47 so 45cm was a very good guess!

  2. lavalotti says:

    These are all stunning. Not sure I could have sold the orange one! 🙂

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