Back in Britain

We’re currently on the ferry, our last but one leg of the journey home. A quick stop off at Tesco for some non-cheese-or-bread related food before the drive back to Hadfield awaits.

Wanda is filthy. She looks like we’ve been rallying. Try snow, wind, rain, hail, sleet, frost… Not starting, failure to accelerate past 40mph and finally, a problem with the central locking after a repack in the rain, which meant it was a 50/50 chance whether the car would be locked or not upon our return. Jeez, as all the cool kids say nowadays.


It’s not surprising though, is it really? When you think about the amount of mileage we get out of her and the pressure on the suspension by the end of a trip. When you visit places like this, it’s difficult not to pile in the potaually, we didn’t buy anything from that place as it was extortionate in its prices. Made for a good sneaky picture though.


I discovered the ‘retro camera’ app on my phone this holiday. This has resulted in lots of random pictures of buildings, the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal, and Aidan in various vintage tinged hues.




Kept me entertained anyway.

Tomorrow will be a day of recuperation and planning for the week of work ahead. Pottery photos will appear once we’re unpacked and I’ve got my forty year 11 reports written and controlled assessments marked… What a difference a day will make!

This week has been pretty fantastic. Trekking around the troedels of Germany, staying in budget hotels and eating nothing but cheese and bread for a week might not be everyone’s idea of fun. Yet we love it.

The F1 at Bochum

Happy birthday to Aidan for today!


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  1. Cinna says:

    Wow, I need some good information from you Emma about roadtrips in Germany. My husband and I are going by car to France and at the same time will we try to find som pottery when we pass Germany. Do you basically go to charity shops and how do you know how to fnd the right places?? Are they open everyday???? So many questions from an amateur: Would be happy to get som good advice from you as a proffessional;)
    Thanks a lot in advance! Cinna

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