West German Pottery Finds

I’m still not able to use the internet home, so it’s only thanks to my trusty phone that I can even post. It’s been a month! This is probably the longest I’ve gone without internet since I was 14! Anyway, I just wanted to share a few pottery pictures.


Now that we’ve got a massive garage, it means everything can go in there rather than taking over the house. This last trip, we bought over 280 pieces! It’s amazing how we can fit it all in.



We were thrilled with some of the finds from this trip. And yes, I know I say it every time, but they really were some of the best finds we’ve had so far.




At some point – once we’ve actually had chance to breathe or think about what we’re doing in the house – we’d like to have another big pottery sale. That’s likely to be a way off yet though.

Found this in my pocket yesterday evening:


So that makes 281 pieces in total.


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  1. afterglowretro says:

    wow few there that I would love, theres an especially nice large one on the top shelf, second in, conical chimney shape, I have the companion piece for it!

  2. fearsandkahn says:

    Those pots really look so fantastic together, and all that space, I’m jealous, though hopefully I’ll be following suit soon…!

  3. rubat says:

    Well done! you seem to have developed an eye for the best stuff now 🙂
    bet you are chuffed that you have a garage to store the pots in now!..hope you have settled into your new house..all the best x

  4. omg, that’s amazing! incredible

  5. Nikki says:

    Amazing! I’ve just started collecting West German pottery. I only have a few pieces right now (it’s hard to find here.) I’m taking a trip to Germany in a few weeks though and hope to snag some pieces. Any tips on where to find it?

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