February Ramblings


As every new parent will know, the first few months with a new baby are fairly manic. Some days, it gets to about 5pm and I think, ‘What have I actually done today?’ Usually the answer involves feeding, nappy changing and playing.


Luckily, we seem to have quite a chilled out baby, which means we can still get out and about at the weekends. Our latest discovery is the bowling alley in Hadfield. Bear in mind that this is a tiny town, with one main street of a few shops, a couple of cafes, one bakery, a couple of takeaways, a post office and a butchers. Yet, we have a bowling alley.






We went there for Aidan’s birthday; when we arrived, there was our group and a seven year old’s birthday party…

Aidan’s been upping the amount of West German pottery he’s been listing each week.



It’s great fun watching it end each week! The latest pots are all from boxes we have still not unwrapped from last year’s Germany trips, so it’s exciting to open them up. The quality of the pottery seems to be improving with each box. My only complaint is the amount of parcels I now have to carry to the post office each week… How old will Corliss need to be before she can carry one or two?!

Next month, my aim is to get more listed myself on eBay; to not buy as much from eBay; go for a walk every other day, whatever the weather; write a few more blogs… We’ve got lots of new and interesting pieces of pottery and glass about the house. I WILL find the time to photograph them and share the pictures.

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  1. Well I do miss your blog-postings…but it looks like life is just great at your house – Corliss looks more than happy!

    1. littleowlski says:

      I miss doing them as well, but I just don’t get chance any more like I used to! I will try to aim to do some more! I also miss reading all my favourite blogs (such as yours) as regularly as I used to. But yet, Corliss is extremely happy and that’s the main thing 🙂

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